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5 Questions with Trina Hendry of Chowbella Food Tours in Toronto

Trina Hendry, the founder of Chowbella food tours, talks about the local food scene in Toronto, Canada.

Trina Hendry

Likely the world’s pickiest eater growing up, it is almost impossible to imagine Trina Hendry heading up Chowbella, a company that creates culinary experiences for travelers. But, as fate would have it, she fell in love with food during a stint as a PR Director for a luxury hotel and restaurant company in Toronto. So began her journey down the gastronomic path, eating her way through many of the city’s (and the world’s) finest restaurants, taking wine appreciation courses, hob-knobbing with culinary superstars and realizing her passion for travel. Taste Trekkers sat down to ask her some questions...

1. What foods is Toronto known for?

Olive oils tasting

Toronto is one of the most multicultural cities in the world, with more than 200 ethnicities calling it home. I would say the city is best known for its array of authentic ethnic cuisine, whether it is Ethiopian, Thai, Greek, Chinese or Pakistani.

2. What neighborhoods should foodies explore when they come to Toronto?

My favourite neighbourhoods for exploring are West Queen West (where my tours run), the St. Lawrence Market area and Chinatown/Kensington Market.

West Queen West is home to over 80 gourmet food shops and restaurants.

St. Lawrence Market was named the top food market in the world by National Geographic in 2012 and there are many other great spots to discover in the neighbourhood.

Chinatown and Kensington Market are a nice mix of authentic and eclectic finds.

3. What can people expect on your Toronto food tours?


Those who participate in Chowbella's food tours can expect VIP treatment, behind-the-scenes experiences and access to shop/restaurant owners and full portions! These is no skimping on our tours.

4. You also offer a tour of Niagara Wine Country. Can you tell us about that?

Chocolate tasting

We currently offer custom, private tours to Niagara Wine Country and other culinary destinations in Ontario, including Prince Edward County (another quaint wine region), Stratford and Ontario's Southwest.

5. What should foodies headed to the Stratford Festival know about the food scene there?

Chowbella food tours

Stratford is one of the province's top culinary destinations. There is so much to do there from a foodie perspective, from fabulous restaurants to taste trails and farm tours. It is one of my favourite places to visit in the summer.

Published July 2nd, 2014