Podcast Episode 91: Eating Alabama

Andrew Beck Grace
By Andrew Beck Grace

In this episode of the Find Dining podcast, James Beard Award-winning filmmaker Andrew Beck Grace talks to us about his year of eating locally while filming Eating Alabama. We discuss local eating, documentary filmmaking, and the complicated state of American agriculture.

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1. Summary

  • Eating Alabama debuted at the 2012 South by Southwest festival

  • The James Beard Foundation awarded the film the 2014 Award for Special/Documentary

  • Andrew teaches a Documenting Justice course at The University of Alabama

  • Eating Alabama Find some of Andrew's non-food documentaries by Moon Winx Films

  • Look for the film at iTunes or (soon) Netflix

  • Finley Avenue Market in Birmingham is one of the largest wholesale grocery suppliers in the Southeast

  • Small farmers in the Tuscaloosa area typically operate a couple of acres as a secondary source of income

  • Taste Chef Frank Stitt's modern twist on traditional Southern greens at Highland Bar & Grill

2. Food for Thought

  • Q: What is a hoe cake and how would you make one?
  • A: A flat cornbread traditionally fried on a hoe over an open fire

3. Out of the Frying Pan

  • Favorite Farm to visit in West Alabama: Snow’s Bend Farm
  • Favorite dish made in year of living locally: Fried green tomatoes topped with coleslaw and basil shrimp

  • Favorite food documentary: King Corn (2007)

  • Favorite non-food documentary: Salesman (1968)

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