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Podcast Episode 93: Chef Grant Achatz

Grant Achatz, the world-renowned chef behind Alinea, Aviary, and Next in Chicago, talks to us about molecular gastronomy and his battle with cancer.

Edible Balloons

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Chef Grant Achatz

In this episode of the Find Dining podcast, we talk to Grant Achatz, acclaimed chef/owner of Alinea, Aviary, and Next in Chicago. We discuss building his first car, molecular gastronomy, and surviving tongue cancer.

  • Chef Achatz was honored by the James Beard Foundation as a "Who's Who Inductee" in 2012
  • Read Offer: 1592406971 Life, on the Line: A Chef's Story of Chasing Greatness, Facing Death, and Redefining the Way We Eat or Offer: 1580089283 Alinea
Chef Plating Chocolate

Food for Thought

Edible Balloons
  • Q: What is the difference between shoyu and tamari soy sauces?
  • A: Shoyu is made from soy and wheat; tamari is only soy

Out of the Frying Pan

  • If I want to do molecular gastronomy at home, where do I start: Le Santuaire, and 100% Chef
  • Favorite cheap eats in Chicago: Pot Belly
  • Weirdest thing you've ever made: a one-bite lozenge of frozen mango, bonito, and sesame oil
  • Chefs to watch: Blaine Wetzel and Alex Stupak
  • Plans for new restaurant: still working it out, but due to open in early 2015
  • Favorite Cocktails to order at Aviary: In the Rocks or Green Thumb

Balloon, Helium, Green Apple


Published July 24th, 2014