Podcast Episode 100: Greatest Hits

An interview with Seth Resler


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Seth Resler

Host Seth Resler

In the 100th episode of the Find Dining podcast, we take a look back at  some of our favorite interviews.   From Ireland to Thailand to Russia,  here’s a sampler platter from our first two years.

Hear the full episodes:

  • Taste honey with Marina Marchese
  • Learn about the culinary history of Ireland from Helen McDaid
  • Author Anya von Bremzen talks about her first food experience in America
  • Hear how Matthew Amster-Burton of the Spilled Milk podcast took his daughter on a culinary vacation to Tokyo
  • Shane Kost of Food Tour Pros discusses the state of the food tourism industry
  • Chef José Duarte  of Taranta in Boston tells tales of his culinary expedition to the jungles of  Peru
  • Erik Wolf of the World Food Travel Association explains the psychographs of foodies
  • Author David Sax breaks down the impact of The Food Network and the celebritization of chefs
  • Learn how Top Chef‘s Shirley Chung found her culinary voice
  • Izabela Wojcik of the James Beard Foundation tells us who James Beard was
  • Sarah Hackney of the National Sustainable Agricultural Coalition talks about the future of farming in America
  • Larry Kass of Heaven Hill Distillery in Louisville details the life of bourbon barrels
  • Chef Andy Ricker of Pok Pok in Portland, Oregon tells us the story behind his restaurant’s name
  • Chef John Currence of City Grocery in Oxford, Mississippi tells us about his efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina
  • Legendary Chef Grant Achatz of Alinea in Chicago shares the story of his battle against tongue cancer

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Get our best food and travel articles!

Once a month, we'll send you our most popular food and travel articles.