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The 5 Best Shrimp & Grits in New Orleans

Try shrimp and grits at these fantastic restaurants next time you travel to New Orleans, Louisiana.

lapetite grocery

What began as a Low Country, fisherman's breakfast Shrimp & Grits (or Shrimp Grits) has become a staple and can be found all over the South, from the Carolinas to Texas. Every restaurant has their own version and eateries in New Orleans are no exception. If you're ever in the Crescent City, I highly recommend all of the following restaurants (and not just for their heavenly interpretations of Shrimp & Grits).

1. Commander's Palace

Located in the Garden District, Commander's Palace is notorious for excellent Creole cuisine as well as phenomenal chefs, top notch service, and several elegant dining rooms and courtyards. Executive Chef Tory McPhail offers a mouth-watering Louisiana Shrimp & Grits featuring wild caught, Louisiana white shrimp served over goat cheese, stone ground grits, caramelized onions, concasse tomatoes and topped with a sauce forestiere (wild mushroom sauce).

1403 Washington Ave

New Orleans, LA 70130


2. La Petite Grocery

Justin Devillier is both chef and part owner of La Petite Grocery, an old 19th century storefront renovated almost a decade ago into a restaurant with all its New Orleans nostalgia intact. Sit at a linen-covered table on old tile floors with a lofty, painted-tin ceiling overhead while enjoying Chef Devillier's version of Gulf Shrimp & Grits featuring a sauce of roasted mushrooms, smoked bacon, house made butter and fresh thyme.

4238 Magazine Street

New Orleans, LA 70115


3. Coquette

Opened on the corner of Magazine Street and Washington Avenue almost six years ago, Coquette has quickly climbed its way to becoming a local favorite and with their decadent cocktails, lively atmosphere and creative, French-inspired cuisine, it is not difficult to see why. Sip on Gnome's Cup (Coquette's version of a Pimm's) and enjoy Chef Michael Stoltzfus' dish of fresh, gulf shrimp served atop Anson Mill's grits with sweet corn and Louisiana Hot Sauce gravy.

2800 Magazine Street

New Orleans, LA 70115


4. Boucherie

Located in a small, shotgun house in the Carrollton neighborhood, Boucherie is Chef Nathanial Zimet's dream of a restaurant that offers fine dining for everyone. Like most of the best restaurants in New Orleans, Boucherie does almost everything in-house and make a point to purchase produce and seafood from local farms and fishermen, but they turn around and offer exquisitely prepared cuisine at an better-than-fair price. Boucherie offers a Blackened Shrimp & Grit Cake featuring jumbo Gulf shrimp drizzled with a warm, house-cured bacon vinaigrette.

8115 Jeanette Street

New Orleans, LA 70118


5. Tableau

The latest by local restaurateur and national celebrity Dickie Brennan, Tableau recently opened in the newly renovated Le Petite Theatre on the corner of Jackson Square in the historic French Quarter. Hailing from Lafayette, Louisiana, Chef Ben Thibodeaux offers his take on the Southern classic, a BBQ Shrimp & Grits featuring jumbo, Gulf shrimp in a New Orleans-style BBQ sauce (basically Worcestershire sauce, lemon, and lots of pepper and butter) spiked with Abita Beer and served over stone ground grits whipped with chévre cheese.

616 St. Peter Street

New Orleans, LA 70116


Where did you get the best shrimp and grits you've ever had?

Though she was born in the San Francisco Bay Area, Kim Ranjbar felt New Orleans calling her home as soon as she hit puberty. A graduate of Sonoma State University, Kim took her passion for the written word and dragged it over 2000 miles to flourish in the city she loves. You can follow Kim on Twitter (@sucktheheads) and read some of her other works at Where Y'at, New Orleans Living Magazine and her personal blog, Suck the Heads.

Published February 17th, 2014