5 Questions with Sally Tiongco of Six Taste Food Tours in Los Angeles

Six Taste food tour
By Sally Tiongco

Sally Tiongco, owner of Six Taste Food Tours and a middle school educator, lives and works in Downtown Los Angeles while caring for her 2-year old daughter. She is a native of Southern California and looks forward to showing locals and tourists her beloved hometown through food, fun, and exploration. We wanted to learn about the Los Angeles food scene. Here is what she told us...

1. What foods is the Los Angeles area known for?

Los Angeles is so culturally diverse, guests can expect to savor multiple flavors including authentic Oaxacan cuisine, creative burgers, traditional Thai dishes, bakeries, and Asian and Latin fusion.

Six Taste food tour
Six Taste food tour

2. What are some of the different neighborhoods foodies should explore?

My top four:

Six Taste food tour
Six Taste food tour
  • Downtown Los Angeles : A historical gem that’s quickly developing into a cultural and culinary hot spot

  • Thai Town: the only one in the United States

  • Little Tokyo : a culturally rich neighborhood reflective of Japanese history, culture, and cuisine

  • Sawtelle/Westside: also known as Little Osaka and close to my alma mater, UCLA.

3. What can people expect on your food tours?

We specialize in walking food tours of 8 different locations within Los Angeles —Downtown Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Hollywood, Arts District, Little Tokyo, Thai Town, San Gabriel Valley, and Arcadia—that last about 4 hours.

Happy food tourists
Happy food tourists

A local tour guide will share intriguing history, fun stories, and traditions about the area and cuisine while guests enjoy generous samples of high-quality food.

Chefs and restaurant staff may also make special appearances.

4. You are proud new parents. Do you have any tips or recommendations for foodies traveling to Los Angeles with families?

I like to call in advance or find restaurant photos online to make sure that the venue has enough space for an active toddler. Parents know their children the best, so I recommend choosing restaurants that offer family-friendly menus.

Six Taste food tour
Six Taste food tour

Since my daughter loves Vietnamese and Asian food, I tend to explore charming eateries with traditional comfort food.

5. You grew up on your parents' Vietnamese cooking. Where do you go for great Vietnamese food in Los Angeles?

San Gabriel Valley, which is about a 15-20 minute drive from downtown. Here, you can find delicious and affordable Pho, banh mi, rice dishes, and other Vietnamese dishes.

Guests who visit Disneyland are in luck. That’s where Little Saigon is located, so you can get tons of authentic options there!

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